Fluorescent Grey – Gaseous Opal Orbs – CD

As “a frequent visitor of these pages” Robbie Martin (Fluorescent Grey) [bio] should have known that Gaseous Opal Orbs isn’t quite “up my alley” (the phrases in between quotes are his). Does this mean Gaseous Opal Orbs is a bad CD? Not necessarily. To many that are, unlike me, into the genre Fluorescent Grey’s latest release will probably be an interesting mix of IDM flirting with dub, electronic soundscapes and psychedelica. Harsh-heads are definitely not the target audience of this CD. To me it’s music that is much in the vein of bands like Ozric Tentacles [Meet The Ozrics] and The Orb, and in spirit reminds me a bit of The White Noise, but again, this music is not my genre (I do look back at the very early nineties with a bit of nostalgia, really should dig up those 2 or 3 Ozric Tentacle-tapes I had in those days and check what they do to me these days – I guess not much anymore, unlike those old harshnoise tapes I started trading shortly after that period). In his earlier days Fluorescent Grey did a track-by-track parody of Coil’s electronic album Scatology (1998) and later on an homage album to Throbbing Gristle. Nowadays his label, Record Label Records [website] is releasing CDs of a.o Contagious Orgasm and Scorn (of which Robbie Martin says he’s a profound fan) to name just the ones that ring a bell with me and hopefully help you situate things. My favourites on Gaseous Opal Orbs: track 5, a mixture of electronic and folky improv, and track 9, “Are you aware of the pink light emenating from your naval?”, an 11 minute long trip in full electronic soundscape-style. Much like every other band on Earth Fluorescent Grey has a mySpace [here] where you can check out his music, and there’s lots and lots of reading material on Record Label Records’ website.


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